When: Tuesday, Jan 30, 2018, 5:00pm - 7:00pm

Boston Teachers Union Hall 180 Mount Vernon St., Dorchester

With no input from working families affected by the decision, the Baker-controlled Group Insurance Commission voted to take away Massachusetts health insurance carriers available to thousands of active and retired public-sector employees and push them toward an Indiana-based company. Next, the GIC will be making  decisions that will affect how and where you receive health care and how much it costs. We must act now!

Event goals:

  • To have Governor Baker’s GIC rescind its decision to eliminate insurance plans offered to active and retired public employees.
  • To have Governor Baker’s GIC freeze out-of-pocket costs and prevent any changes to access to hospitals, doctors or benefits.
  • To gain legislative support for the public employee-backed bill that increases labor’s representation on the GIC, improving transparency in the decision-making process.

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