When: Friday, Aug 18, 2017, 3:00pm - 4:00pm

Fenway Park, the corner of Brookline Avenue and Lansdowne Street, Boston MA

Meet at the corner of Brookline Avenue and Lansdowne Street across from the Cask and Flagon.
Take the Green Line to either the Fenway or Kenmore stations for a 2 block walk to Fenway Park.

NESN & PPI Unfair To IBEW Local 1228 Broadcast Technicians

The New England Sports Network (NESN), through its crewing company Program Productions, Inc. (PPI), has engaged in retribution against broadcast technicians who voted for a union. For the first time, technicians received better pay, better working conditions, and contributions toward health care and a 401 (k).

In March, five union Bargaining Committee members were clearly targeted to be relieved of work. Local 1228 successfully fought PPI to get their NESN days back, so a new tactic was enacted. The entire crew of technicians, some of who have worked these games for 20 years, were forced to lose several games each month of the season, costing each worker thousands of dollars. Some have worked on NESN broadcasts for 20 years or more, and some are losing over 25 % of this season’s games due to NESN’s instructions to PPI.

The Boston Red Sox own a substantial part of NESN. NESN, through PPI, should not be costing broadcast technicians thousands of dollars in lost work simply because they voted for health care and retirement benefits for their families.

The Red Sox should instruct NESN & PPI to stop the retribution for unionizing.

For more information, contact John Murphy at IBEW Local 1228, [email protected] or (860) 995-3389