When: Tuesday, May 1, 2018, (All day)

At Every Workplace

On May 1st — International Workers' Day and World Asthma Day — Community Labor United is calling for a world in which all of us can breathe deeply. A world where we do not live paycheck-to-paycheck, where we can afford good housing and healthcare. A world where we can walk the streets freely without being worried about police or ICE deportations.  A world where we honor and protect our natural resources by investing in renewable energy, public transportation and community control.

On May 1st, wear a dust mask or medical mask to show your support for our collective right to breathe deeply and live freely. RSVP here! Decorate your mask or add the name of someone who suffers from respiratory issues or social constrictions that make it hard for them to live freely. Take a picture with your mask on and tag it#LetUsBreathe.

Join CLU in deepening their connections in the fight for justice, and dismantling systems that block those rights for people of color and low-income people around the world. Check out the #LetUsBreathe Toolkit to learn how you and your organization can participate!