When: Friday, Mar 2, 2018 - Saturday, Mar 3, 2018, (All day)

UMass Amherst Campus Center

Trump era policy changes and ones proposed threaten the very core of the labor movement in the United States. We are calling together leading labor scholars and labor and community activists to document the impact of the Trump-era policy changes on workers and their union and to chart the way forward. On Friday, March 2, 13 scholars who were commissioned to write papers for the conference will present. On Saturday, March 3, these scholars will meet in an all day workshop with union and community activists to explore the way forward.

Panelists include:
       - Nancy MacLean - The right-wing funding network in historical perspective. 
       - Bill Fletcher, Jr. and Jose LaLuz - Trump, right-wing populism and the labor movement.   
       - MaryBe McMillan - Fighting back in a right-to-work state. 
       - Jennifer Klein - Agency fee: the case of home care workers.  
       - Gordon Lafer - The right-wing agenda at the state level. 
       - Kyla Walters - Fighting and defeating the charter school agenda. 
       - Shannon Gleeson - Immigrant rights and labor.  
       - Lara Skinner - Climate change and labor. 
       - Cedric Johnson - Limits of Liberal Anti-Racism. 
       - Donald Cohen - The privatization agenda. 
       - Jon Shelton - Walker’s Wisconsin and the future of the U.S.

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