Congratulations To Our Newly Elected Endorsed Candidates and Union Members!

Greater Boston Labor Council


  • Marianne Walles (SEIU 509), Mayor


  • Julia Mejia, City Council At Large
  • Annisa Essaibi George (BTU), City Council At Large
  • Michael Flaherty, City Council At Large
  • Michelle Wu, City Council At Large
  • Lydia Edwards (UAW), City Council District 1
  • Ed Flynn (NAGE), City Council District 2
  • Kim Janie, City Council District 7
  • Kenzie Bok, City Council District 8


  • Allana Mallon, City Council At Large
  • Denise Simmons, City Council At Large
  • Marc McGovern, City Council At Large
  • Fred Fantini, City Council At Large


  • Roy Avellaneda, City Council At Large


  • Gary Christenson, Mayor
  • Debbie DeMaria, City Council At Large
  • Steve Winslow (SEIU 888), City Council At Large
  • Michelle Luong, School Committee Ward 7
  • Rachael Running (OPEIU Local 6), School Committee Ward 8


  • Stephanie Muccini-Burke, Mayor
  • Adam Knight, City Council At Large


  • Paul Brodeur, Mayor


  • Brian Barash, City Council Ward 2


  • Brian Arrigo, Mayor
  • Dimple Rana, City Council At Large
  • Gerry Visconti, City Council At Large
  • John Correggio (PFFM), City Council At Large
  • Eric Lampedecchio (UFCW 1445), City Council Ward 5

Merrimack Valley Central Labor Council


Lowell City Council

  • Sokhary Chau

  • John Drinkwater

  • Harry Kortikere

  • Rita Mercier

  • Dave Ouellette

  • Dan Rourke

  • Jeffrey Thomas

Lowell School Committee

  • Andy Descoteaux
  • Mike Dillon Jr.
  • Robert Hoey
  • Dominik Lay
  • Benjamin Opara
  • Jim Peters

Hampshire/Franklin Assembly


  • Sheila Gilmour, Mayor


  • Alex Jarrett, Northampton City Council, Ward 5
  • Emily Serafy-Cox, School Committee, Ward 3

Pioneer Valley Assembly


  • Justin Hurst, City Council At-Large
  • Jessie Lederman, City Council At-Large
  • Victor Davila, City Council Ward 6
  • Jynai McDonald, City Council Ward 4


  • Deborah Aloisi, City Council At-Large
  • Rebecca Lisi, City Council At-Large

North Shore Labor Council

  • Julie Flowers. City Council At large
  • Estelle Rand, City Council Ward 2
  • Stacy Ames, City Council Ward 3
  • Kathleen Feldman, City Council Ward 5
  • John Mullady, School Committee Ward 4


  • Christopher DiMercurio-Sicuranza, City Council At Large


  • Brian Castellanos, School Committee
  • Donna Coppola, School Committee
  • Jared Nicholson, School Committee
  • John Ford, Jr., School Committee
  • Lorraine Gately, School Committee
  • Michael Satterwhite, School Committee
  • Brian Field, City Council At Large
  • Brian LaPierre, City Council At Large
  • Buzzy Barton, City Council At Large
  • Hong Net, City Council At Large
  • Darren Cyr, City Council Ward 3
  • Richard Colucci, City Council Ward 4 
  • Marven Rhode Hyppolite, City Council Ward 5
  • Frederick Hogan, City Council Ward 6
  • John Walsh, Jr., City Council Ward 7


  • Joseph Amico, School Committee
  • Jon Turco, City Council At Large
  • Ryan Melville, City Council At Large
  • Edward Charest, City Council Ward 4 


  • Alice Rose Merkl, City Council At Large
  • Conrad Prosniewski, City Council At Large
  • Jeffrey Cohen, City Council At Large
  • Ty Jerry Hapworth, City Council At Large
  • James Willis, Jr., City Council Ward 1
  • Patricia Morsillo, City Council Ward 3

Central MA AFL-CIO


  • Richard Finlay (AFSCME), City Council District 2
  • Adam Steiner (AFT), City Council District 3
  • Philip Ottaviani (LIUNA), Jr., City Council District 6
  • William Lynch (NALC), City Council District 7


  • Joseph Petty, Mayor
  • Gary Rosen, City Council At Large
  • Kate Toomey, City Council At Large
  • Khrystian King (SEIU 509), City Council At Large
  • Mo Bergman, City Council At Large
  • Ralph Tiscione (PFFM), City Council At Large
  • Sean Rose, City Council District 1
  • Candy Mero-Carlson (USW), City Council District 2
  • George Russell, City Council District 3
  • Sarai Rivera, City Council District 4
  • Johnhaynes Honeycutt, City Council District 5

Norfolk County Labor Council


  • Thomas Reynolds, Mayor
  • Charles Ryan (MOSES), Town Council At Large
  • John Mullaney, Town Council District 2
  • Tim Carey, Town Council District 6


  • Thomas Koch, Mayor
  • Anne Mahoney, City Council At Large
  • Nina Liang, City Council At Large
  • Noel DiBona, City Council At Large
  • Courtney Perdios, School Committee At Large
  • Brad Croall, City Council Ward 2
  • Brian Palmucci, City Council Ward 4
  • Chuck Phelan, City Council Ward 5
  • William Isenberg, City COuncil, Ward 6


  • Robert Hedlund, Mayor
  • Becky Haugh (IUOE Local 4), Town Council At Large
  • Brian McDonald (NAGE), Town Council At Large NAGE
  • Chris Heffernan (NALC 18), Town Council At Large
  • Fred Happel (MCOFU), Town Council At Large
  • Jane Hackett, Town Council At Large
  • Mike Molisse (UWUA 369), Town Council At Large
  • Pascale Burga (UBC 424), Town Council District 1
  • Maureen Kiely, Town Council District 2
  • Ed Harrington (ATU 589), Town Council District 5
  • Mike Smart (IBEW 103), Town Council District 6

Plymouth-Bristol Central Labor Council


  • Robert Sullivan, Mayor


  • Estele Borges, Mayor

Greater Southeastern MA Central Labor Council

Fall River

  • Paul Coogan, Mayor
  • Cliff Ponte, City Council

New Bedford

  • Hugh Dunn, City Council Ward 3

This page is updated periodically, please check back for the most updated list of endorsements.