Massachusetts AFL-CIO 2020 Endorsements

A graphic to show all of the endorsed candidates by the AFL-CIO in 2020. The background is blue and at the top it says "2020 Endorsements". Then pictures of all endorsed candidates are arranged in rows and columns in circle shapes with a white border.

State House

UAW Member Rep. Tram Nguyen for 18th Essex House District: FacebookTwitter, & Website

MTA member, Rep. Carol Doherty for 3rd Bristol House District: FacebookTwitter, & Website

IATSE member, Rep. Patrick Kearney for 4th Plymouth House District: FacebookTwitter, & Website

WGAE member Christina Eckert for 2nd Essex House District: FacebookTwitter, & Website

AFT member Marianela Rivera for 17th Essex House District: Facebook, & Website

NAGE Member, Jim Dever for 5th Barnstable House District: Facebook

NASRCC Member, Orlando Ramos for 9th Hampden House District: FacebookTwitter, & Website

Michael Kushmerek for 3rd Worcester House District: FacebookTwitter, & Website

Meghan Kilcoyne for 12th Worcester House District: FacebookTwitter, & Website

Erika Uyterhoeven for 27th Middlesex House District: FacebookTwitter, & Website

Rob Consalvo for 14th Suffolk House District: FacebookTwitter, & Website

Jacob Oliveira for 7th Hampden House District: FacebookTwitter,& Website

Patrick Reynolds for 14th Bristol House District: Facebook & Website

Ted Philips for 8th Norfolk House District:  Facebook & Website

Senator Mike Brady for the 2nd Plymouth & Bristol District: FacebookTwitter, & Website

Senator Nick Collins for the 1st Suffolk District: FacebookTwitter, & Website

Senator Susan Moran for the Plymouth & Barnstable District: FacebookTwitter, & Website

Senator Pat Jehlen for the 2nd Middlesex District: FacebookTwitter, & Website

Senator Patrick O’Connor for the Plymouth & Norfolk District: Facebook, Twitter, & Website

Senator Becca Rausch for the Norfolk, Bristol, & Middlesex District: FacebookTwitter, & Website

Senator Walter Timilty for the Norfolk, Bristol & Plymouth District: FacebookTwitter, & Website

Senator Jim Welch for the Hampden District: FacebookTwitter, & Website

Rep. Dan Sena for the 37th Middlesex District: FacebookTwitter, & Website

Rep. Josh Cutler for the 6th Plymouth District: Website

Rep. Paul Donato for the 35th Middlesex District: FacebookTwitter, & Website

Rep. Kevin Honan for the 17th Suffolk District: FacebookTwitter, & Website

Rep. Natalie Higgins for the 4th Worcester District: FacebookTwitter, & Website

Rep. Kathy LaNatra for the 12th Plymouth District: FacebookTwitter, & Website

Rep. John Lawn for the 10th Middlesex District: FacebookTwitter, & Website

Rep. David Linsky for the 5th Middlesex District: FacebookTwitter, & Website

Rep. Joan Meschino for the 3rd Plymouth District: FacebookTwitter, & Website

Rep. Jerry Parisella for the 6th Essex District: FacebookTwitter, & Website

Rep. John Rogers for the 12th Norfolk District: Facebook

Rep. David Rogers for the 24th Middlesex District: FacebookTwitter, & Website

Rep. Dan Ryan for the 2nd Suffolk District: Twitter & Website

Rep. Tom Stanley for the 9th Middlesex District: FacebookTwitter, & Website

John Cronin for the Worcester & Middlesex District: FacebookTwitter, & Website

SEIU 509 Member Christine Crean for the Worcester & Norfolk District: Facebook

Brendan Roche for the 1st Bristol District: FacebookTwitter, & Website

Amber Hewett for the 1st Essex District: FacebookTwitter, & Website

Will LaRose for the 2nd Franklin District: FacebookTwitter, & Website

Kerri O’Connor for the 3rd Hampden District: Facebook & Website

Deb Busser for the 1st Middlesex District: FacebookTwitter, & Website

Vanna Howard for the 17th Middlesex District: Facebook & Website

Brian Hamlin for the 9th Norfolk District: FacebookTwitter, & Website

Samuel Biagetti for the 5th Worcester District: FacebookTwitter, & Website

Sally Kerans for the 13th Essex District: FacebookTwitter, & Website

Rep. Mark Cusack for the 5th Norfolk District: Facebook & Twitter

Rep. Carmine Gentile for the 13th Middlesex District: FacebookTwitter, & Website

Senator John Velis for the 2nd Hampden & Hampshire District: FacebookTwitter, & Website

Emmanuel Dockter for the 5th Plymouth District: FacebookTwitter, & Website

Rep. William Galvin for the 6th Norfolk District: Facebook

Rep. Mike Day for the 31st Middlesex District: FacebookTwitter, & Website

Rep. James Murphy for the 4th Norfolk District: Facebook & Website

Rep. Michelle DuBois for the 10th Plymouth District: FacebookTwitter, & Website

Rep. David Robertson for the 19th Middlesex District: FacebookTwitter, & Website

Rep. Christine Barber for the 34th Middlesex District: FacebookTwitter, & Website

Senator John Keenan for the Norfolk & Plymouth District: FacebookTwitter, & Website

U.S Congress

Congressman Richard Neal for 1st U.S. Congressional House District: FacebookTwitter, & Website

Congressman Jim McGovern for 2nd U.S. Congressional House District: FacebookTwitter, & Website

Congresswoman Lori Trahan for 3rd  U.S. Congressional House District:: FacebookTwitter, & Website

Congresswoman Katherine Clark for 5th U.S. Congressional House District: FacebookTwitter, & Website

Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley for 7th U.S. Congressional House District: FacebookTwitter, & Website

Congressman Stephen Lynch for 8th U.S. Congressional House District: FacebookTwitter, & Website

Congressman Bill Keating for 9th U.S. Congressional House District: FacebookTwitter, & Website