President Tolman Statement on the Confirmation of Mayor Marty Walsh as Secretary of Labor

“President Biden’s nomination of Mayor Marty Walsh demonstrates his promise to be the “strongest labor president” in American history. A union member and labor leader himself, Marty Walsh understands that the best way to end income inequality and grow the middle class is to give more workers the right to form a union and collectively bargain.  Just like President Biden, whether it was in the State House or in the corner office, Mayor Walsh knows how to work with people to get things done.

It will take that kind of passion and collaboration to bounce back from the unprecedented assault on workers’ rights from the previous administration. President Biden, and our new Secretary Walsh know that federal labor law reform is a crucial first step to build back a strong middle class and end income inequality.

Public support for unions is the highest it has been in decades. As President Biden has said “strong unions built the great American middle class”, and we are excited to partner with his administration to make sure more workers have a voice on the job and economic security.“