Legislative Action & Current Agenda

The Massachusetts Legislative Program has identified 6 priority pieces of legislation from our full slate of 2017-18 endorsed legislation. Explore and in-depth breakdown of our priority legislation by clicking the links below:

The Massachusetts AFL-CIO Legislative Program advocates for legislation that promotes shared prosperity and the rights of working families, advocating for dozens of bills that have been prioritized by the Executive Council and our affiliate unions. We analyze bills and amendments as they proceed through the legislative process to determine their potential impact on working people.

Representatives of the Massachusetts AFL-CIO, including the President and Directors, regularly meet with state legislators, cabinet secretaries, and other staff from the Executive Branch and state agencies to advocate for pro-working family policies. The President and Directors frequently provide testimony at legislative hearings to support the position of the Massachusetts AFL-CIO on important issues. The Legislative Director also coordinates with leaders and legislative staff from our affiliate unions so that the Labor Movement can speak with one, unified voice.

Endorsed Legislation

Affiliate unions submit bills to the Legislative Director throughout the legislative session. The Executive Council then considers taking a formal position either in support of or in opposition to the legislation. Due to the nature of the legislative process, it is often necessary for the President and Directors to quickly respond to affiliate concerns or fast-moving legislative proposals. We regularly reach out to affiliates to better understand the impact of policy proposals on their members, and we encourage our affiliates to contact the Legislative Director with any questions or concerns about legislation.

Legislator Accountability

The Massachusetts AFL-CIO tracks bills and amendments as they move through the legislature, and as issues reach the floor for potential votes we inform legislators of our position and of any votes that may be calculated as a “Labor Vote.” Labor Votes are used to determine legislators’ voting records, which are used to determine eligibility for political endorsements. At the end of each legislative session the Executive Council votes to determine which votes are calculated as Labor Votes.

Promoting a Pro-Worker Agenda

The Massachusetts AFL-CIO organizes an all-union lobby day each legislative session to advocate for our top-priority legislation, and may organize additional lobby days as needed. We regularly call on all unions to support the legislative fights of their brothers and sisters throughout the Labor Movement. We also utilize our statewide network of labor activists to meet with, call, and email their own state legislators as important issues arise. (For a list of legislation that has been endorsed by the Massachusetts AFL-CIO, please click here)