When: Thursday, Jun 6, 2019, 5:30pm - 6:30pm

InterContinental Boston Hotel • 510 Atlantic Avenue, Boston 

Through the Salt of the Earth Awards, CLU seeks to recognize individuals and organizations who have demonstrated an ongoing commitment to improving the lives of working-class families in Greater Boston and throughout the Commonwealth. For more than a decade, CLU has accomplished its mission through coalition building, research and policy development, public education and grassroots mobilization that moves policies forward. Our campaigns bring together community organizations and unions, based on a shared interest in making concrete changes in everyday people’s lives. We develop new organizing and increased civic engagement opportunities for our partner organizations. 

2019 Salt of the Earth Award Recipients

Colleen Glynn, IATSE General Executive Board Member and Business Manager Local 11

Penn Loh, Director, Master of Public Policy Program and Community Practice, Tufts University

 National Research Team (Partnership for Working Families,

Action Center for Race and Equality, Little Sis, and In the Public Interest)