Legislative Action & Current Agenda

Through legislative advocacy, the Labor Movement has been instrumental in establishing every essential workplace freedom and protection that workers enjoy today: child labor laws, minimum and overtime wages, health and safety protections, and the freedom to organize a union and bargain collectively. And today, unions are still fighting to protect and expand upon those hard-fought freedoms.

Our Legislative Department ensures that the voice of working people is heard on Beacon Hill by meeting with elected officials to advocate for pro-worker legislation, testifying on bills that impact our members, and mobilizing union members from across the state to contact their legislators through our Constituent Activist Network (LaborCAN!)

Here are some of the ways that the Labor Movement continues to fight for working people:

  • Making sure workers are paid properly, and that cheating contractors are held accountable by cracking down on Wage Theft
  • Reducing poverty with a Strong Minimum Wage
  • Making Critical Investments in our future by raising new revenue
  • Ensuring that workers make it home safely by expanding health and safety protections
  • Protecting and strengthening safety net programs like Unemployment Insurance and Workers Compensation 
  • Fighting the erosion of worker benefits such as pensions and health insurance
  • Expanding the freedom to organize to new groups of workers, including those in the “on demand” economy

For a list of legislation that has been endorsed by the Massachusetts AFL-CIO, please see below or click here