When: Wednesday, Mar 13, 2019, 12:00pm - 1:00pm

Science Center Plaza

Facebook Event:

Nearly a year ago, student workers across all of Harvard’s campuses were organizing to win our union election. We organized because we knew that winning our union would help make Harvard better, by providing stability, security and a contract.

In April of last year, we voted overwhelmingly to form HGSU-UAW, and we elected our first bargaining committee. We intended to begin bargaining over the summer, but the administration has refused to adequately meet with us until October and gave us sparingly few dates on which to meet. The administration has made very little movement in their responses to our union contract proposals. While Harvard administrators are willing to meet, they are unwilling to put in the time necessary for to negotiate a first contract with the improvements that we deserve.

We cannot afford to wait any longer. Every day that passes a student employee is treated unfairly; someone goes unpaid or underpaid for their work while struggling to keep up with rising rent; someone must make a tough decision about their health and affordability of their healthcare; and someone faces discrimination and harassment alone with only a system that has failed too many. We will not allow administrators to delay any more. They must realize how important we are to Harvard’s success and that improved working conditions are essential to that success.