When: Wednesday, Mar 20, 2019, 12:00pm - 3:00pm

Stop & Shop 672 Memorial Drive, Chicopee, Massachusetts 01020

Facebook Event:

More than 30,000 UFCW members and workers across New England are negotiating with Stop & Shop, owned by Ahold Delhaize, a global retailing giant whose revenue increased by more than 15% last year. Though the company is making more, they want the employees to make less than they ever have before-- proposing cuts to current benefits, including health and welfare and pension plans, replacing Sunday time-and-a-half pay with a smaller wage premium, and cutting paid holidays, vacations and sick days for new hires. But the brave workers in Western Mass, members of UFCW 1459, are saying enough is enough.

On Sunday March 10, members of UFCW 1459, mothers, daughters, brothers, fathers, sons, and workers of all ages voted that if they needed to walk off the job in order to defend the dignity of their work, they would. They will not allow this corporate giant to steal their ability to earn a decent living as a food and retail worker in Western Massachusetts. The Stop & Shop Workers of Western Mass unanimously voted that they are willing to go on strike to protect their livelihoods and families. But they need our help!

This Wednesday March 20th, please join us at 672 Memorial Drive, Chicopee, to stand in solidarity with Stop & Shop workers for a fair contract!

Come show you are a worker who understands what it is like to be under attack, a worker who respects the work of our grocery store janitors, baggers, stockers, meat cutters, and clerks, and a worker who knows the strength we have in solidarity.

Bring signs from your union to show Stop & Shop that we stand united in solidarity with the workers! Let's show these corporations that they can't make their CEO bonus checks on the backs of workers and then kick them to the curb.

We say: Fair pay for fair work! Work with dignity, retirement with dignity, a life with dignity for all workers!