Labor's Endorsed Candidates

Election Day is November 5, 2019.

The following candidates have been carefully researched and are proudly endorsed by their local Central Labor Councils and Assemblies. We encourage all of our members and their friends and neighbors to vote for labor’s endorsed candidates and also volunteer to ensure that we elect candidates that will fight for working people. 

Please click here to see a schedule of volunteer opportunities: PDF icon2019_municipal_canvass_schedule_updated_11-2.pdf  

and click here for more information on where to vote.

Greater Boston Labor Council


  • Marianne Walles (SEIU 509), Mayor


  • Alejandra St. Guillen, City Council At Large
  • Annisa Essaibi George (BTU), City Council At Large
  • Michael Flaherty, City Council At Large
  • Michelle Wu, City Council At Large
  • Lydia Edwards (UAW), City Council District 1
  • Ed Flynn (NAGE), City Council District 2
  • Kim Janie, City Council District 7
  • Kenzie Bok, City Council District 8


  • Allana Mallon, City Council At Large
  • Denise Simmons, City Council At Large
  • Marc McGovern, City Council At Large
  • Fred Fantini, City Council At Large


  • Roy Avellaneda, City Council At Large


  • Gary Christenson, Mayor
  • Debbie DeMaria, City Council At Large
  • Steve Winslow (SEIU 888), City Council At Large
  • Michelle Luong, School Committee Ward 7
  • Rachael Running (OPEIU Local 6), School Committee Ward 8


  • Stephanie Muccini-Burke, Mayor
  • Adam Knight, City Council At Large


  • Paul Brodeur, Mayor


  • Brian Barash, City Council Ward 2


  • Brian Arrigo, Mayor
  • Dimple Rana, City Council At Large
  • Gerry Visconti, City Council At Large
  • John Correggio (PFFM), City Council At Large
  • Eric Lampedecchio (UFCW 1445), City Council Ward 5

Merrimack Valley Central Labor Council


Lowell City Council

  • Sokhary Chau

  • John Drinkwater

  • Harry Kortikere

  • Rita Mercier

  • Dave Ouellette

  • Dan Rourke

  • Jeffrey Thomas

Lowell School Committee

  • Andy Descoteaux
  • Mike Dillon Jr.
  • Robert Hoey
  • Dominik Lay
  • Benjamin Opara
  • Jim Peters

Hampshire/Franklin Assembly


  • Sheila Gilmour, Mayor


  • Alex Jarrett, Northampton City Council, Ward 5
  • Emily Serafy-Cox, School Committee, Ward 3

Pioneer Valley Assembly


  • Justin Hurst, City Council At-Large
  • Jessie Lederman, City Council At-Large
  • Victor Davila, City Council Ward 6
  • Jynai McDonald, City Council Ward 4


  • Deborah Aloisi, City Council At-Large
  • Rebecca Lisi, City Council At-Large

North Shore Labor Council

  • Julie Flowers. City Council At large
  • Estelle Rand, City Council Ward 2
  • Stacy Ames, City Council Ward 3
  • Kathleen Feldman, City Council Ward 5
  • John Mullady, School Committee Ward 4


  • Christopher DiMercurio-Sicuranza, City Council At Large


  • Brian Castellanos, School Committee
  • Donna Coppola, School Committee
  • Jared Nicholson, School Committee
  • John Ford, Jr., School Committee
  • Lorraine Gately, School Committee
  • Michael Satterwhite, School Committee
  • Brian Field, City Council At Large
  • Brian LaPierre, City Council At Large
  • Buzzy Barton, City Council At Large
  • Hong Net, City Council At Large
  • Darren Cyr, City Council Ward 3
  • Richard Colucci, City Council Ward 4 
  • Marven Rhode Hyppolite, City Council Ward 5
  • Frederick Hogan, City Council Ward 6
  • John Walsh, Jr., City Council Ward 7


  • Joseph Amico, School Committee
  • Jon Turco, City Council At Large
  • Ryan Melville, City Council At Large
  • Edward Charest, City Council Ward 4 


  • Alice Rose Merkl, City Council At Large
  • Conrad Prosniewski, City Council At Large
  • Jeffrey Cohen, City Council At Large
  • Ty Jerry Hapworth, City Council At Large
  • James Willis, Jr., City Council Ward 1
  • Patricia Morsillo, City Council Ward 3

Central MA AFL-CIO


  • Richard Finlay (AFSCME), City Council District 2
  • Adam Steiner (AFT), City Council District 3
  • Philip Ottaviani (LIUNA), Jr., City Council District 6
  • William Lynch (NALC), City Council District 7


  • Joseph Petty, Mayor
  • Gary Rosen, City Council At Large
  • Kate Toomey, City Council At Large
  • Khrystian King (SEIU 509), City Council At Large
  • Mo Bergman, City Council At Large
  • Ralph Tiscione (PFFM), City Council At Large
  • Sean Rose, City Council District 1
  • Candy Mero-Carlson (USW), City Council District 2
  • George Russell, City Council District 3
  • Sarai Rivera, City Council District 4
  • Johnhaynes Honeycutt, City Council District 5

Norfolk County Labor Council


  • Thomas Reynolds, Mayor
  • Charles Ryan (MOSES), Town Council At Large
  • John Mullaney, Town Council District 2
  • Tim Carey, Town Council District 6


  • Thomas Koch, Mayor
  • Anne Mahoney, City Council At Large
  • Nina Liang, City Council At Large
  • Noel DiBona, City Council At Large
  • Courtney Perdios, School Committee At Large
  • Brad Croall, City Council Ward 2
  • Brian Palmucci, City Council Ward 4
  • Chuck Phelan, City Council Ward 5
  • William Isenberg, City COuncil, Ward 6


  • Robert Hedlund, Mayor
  • Becky Haugh (IUOE Local 4), Town Council At Large
  • Brian McDonald (NAGE), Town Council At Large NAGE
  • Chris Heffernan (NALC 18), Town Council At Large
  • Fred Happel (MCOFU), Town Council At Large
  • Jane Hackett, Town Council At Large
  • Mike Molisse (UWUA 369), Town Council At Large
  • Pascale Burga (UBC 424), Town Council District 1
  • Maureen Kiely, Town Council District 2
  • Ed Harrington (ATU 589), Town Council District 5
  • Mike Smart (IBEW 103), Town Council District 6

Plymouth-Bristol Central Labor Council


  • Robert Sullivan, Mayor


  • Estele Borges, Mayor

Greater Southeastern MA Central Labor Council

Fall River

  • Paul Coogan, Mayor
  • Cliff Ponte, City Council

New Bedford

  • Hugh Dunn, City Council Ward 3

This page is updated periodically, please check back for the most updated list of endorsements.