Massachusetts Essential Workers’ Bill of Rights

The unprecedented challenges we are experiencing have laid bare how intertwined public health and the economy truly are; how absolutely vital working people are to keeping every family safe, secure, healthy and fed; and how critical economic safety nets and investments in the public good are to our entire Commonwealth, not just those who receive benefits. 

Take Action Now: 

  1. Support Hazard Pay for Essential Public Sector Workers.
  2. Support Hazard Pay for Private Sector Essential Workers.
  3. Ask Your Legislators to Protect Essential Workers by Passing Occupational Presumption Legislation.
  4. Contact your legislators and ask them to support Raise Up Massachusetts’ Emergency Paid Sick Time legislation
  5. Ask your State Senator and State Representative to co-sponsor and support HD.5071 (filed by union brother, Rep. Pete Capano) and SD.2934 (filed by union brother Sen. Paul Feeney), An Act Relative to Manufacturing and Factory Worker Protection From COVID-19.

Everyone has a stake in ensuring the essential workers we all depend on are secure and healthy. In too many cases they are working without the adequate personal protective equipment and testing they so desperately need, even as many are still struggling to pay their bills, and working in fear of how they will support their families if they do contract COVID-19.  These workers are putting their health and the health of their families on the line each day. Every essential private and public sector worker – whether state, county or municipal – is on the front lines of exposure to this virus, and they deserve more than just being called heroes, they deserve an Essential Worker Bill of Rights.