Solidarity Statement from President Tolman on Stop & Shop Strike


As of 1pm on Thursday April 11th, 31,000 Stop & Shop workers, members of the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW), across New England are on strike.  Stop & Shop’s foreign-owned parent company reported more than $2 billion in profits last year. Yet Stop & Shop is proposing drastic cuts to the wages and benefits that its workers and their families depend on to live.

Stop and Shop won’t negotiate fairly with its workers who have built the company into one of the most successful grocery stores in New England – this is the epitome of corporate greed. The hard working women and men of Stop & Shop are looking for nothing more than the respect, dignity, and security on the job that all workers deserve. We will stand together and fight with our brothers and sisters because an injury to one is an injury to all.

On behalf of the nearly half million union members of Massachusetts, we stand united behind the hard working UFCW workers of New England. Head to your nearest Stop & Shop and join the picket line! Sign the petition in support of workers: Share the news and let Stop and Shop know that Massachusetts union strong.

-Steven A. Tolman

President, Massachusetts AFL-CIO