Union and Community Members Rally for Public Education

Over 4,000 activists gathered in Boston Common on Saturday, May 20 to protest the Trump administration’s planned cuts to federal education programs including scores of union members. Protestors stood together in solidarity to reject the administration’s abysmal budget proposals, to support the full funding of our public school systems and to advocate for debt free college.

With wide reaching effects the predicted $10.6 billion dollars in cuts would ravage our already underfunded public schools system in a concerted effort to pressure states into adopting a school system focused on charter schools and voucher programs. 

Jessia Tang, president-elect of the Boston Teachers Union, told the Boston Globe“Fighting today for this ideal of quality public education — no matter what your race is, your class, or your ZIP code — is so important.” The message was clear: public education needs union member engagement and solidarity to resist the Trump administration’s corporate agenda.

Trump's proposed cuts - according to the Washington Post - would impact all levels of education from K - 12 to College programs:

  • From $1.65 billion to zero, the Student Support and Academic Enrichment fund created by congress to help schools pay for, among other things; mental-health services, anti-bullying initiatives, physical education, Advanced Placement courses and science and engineering instruction.
  • From $1.2 billion to zero for after-school programs that serve 1.6 million children
  • From $2.1 billion to zero for teacher training and class-size reduction
  • Cutting $490 million from the Federal Work Study Program which helps college students earn money while they learn in school
  • Ending loan forgiveness for public servants