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LaborCAN! Is the Massachusetts AFL-CIO's grassroots Constituent Activist Network and it's the best way to get involved and stay up to date with important actions and educational opportunities.

The Republicans’ terrible new health care bill will confiscate health care benefits from millions of people, hand a big tax break to the wealthy few while taxing working people’s health benefits.

The Senate version of the state budget contains two important policy changes supported by the Massachusetts AFL-CIO that will help working people: 1) Ensures transparent contracting at the MBTA by requiring management to engage in good faith negotiations with the existing workforce before privatization proposals are considered. 2) Adds two additional employee representatives to the Group Insurance Commission so that workers have a stronger voice on decisions impacting the cost and quality of their healthcare.

Medicare Is vitally important for millions of people, but extreme Republicans in Congress are pushing to privatize and undermine Medicare benefits.

This week the State Senate will debate their version of the annual state budget, and they will have the opportunity to pass two important amendments for working people; Amendment #1031 &  Amendment #268

Right to work laws cut our pay and benefits, weaken workplace safety and make it easier for greedy CEOs to ship our jobs overseas.