Union Community Voter Registration Drive

Today politics is part of our mainstream discourse. But did you know that tens of thousands of union members in Massachusetts are not registered to vote?

We want our union members to make their voices heard and vote in their own best interests. Registering is as quick and easy as it has ever been!

Elections are important and the outcome of these elections has a direct impact on members’ lives, from the president, who will make lifetime appointments, to the justices of the U.S. Supreme Court and other federal courts to the city council members who make decisions that shape our communities.

The Massachusetts AFL-CIO is running a voter registration drive now through August 2018 because it is essential that our members, families and communities register to vote and participate in the democratic process. We need your help!
1. Encourage your members to register at the Secretary of State’s website via their Online Voter Registration System:
2. Have a member of the Massachusetts AFL-CIO staff attend your union meeting or event to help make the pitch. To arrange this, contact Kevin Brousseau, Political Director, at 781.324.8230 or [email protected].
3. Contact Kevin to request a list of your members who are unregistered so we can track their progress.
4. Remember that many people will say they’re already registered but they might be wrong - filling out the online form will help ensure that their address and other vital information is up to date and won’t harm their current registration if they are already registered.

PDF icon voter_reg_drive_flyer.pdf